"Superficial Images" is an extensive photographic archive composed of numerous individual images and short image series, which is constantly growing and now consists of over 1000 color photographs. There is an exhibition version, an artist's book and a multi-track slide show. By combining trite everyday photographs with contrasting captions, Peter Tillessen repeatedly poses the question of the extent to which captions change and transform our pictorial reading. Since this influence is probably greater than is generally assumed, the anxious question arises as to what we actually see when we look at photographs. Doesn't everyone see what he or she wants to see (and doesn't everyone think what he or she wants to think)? Aren't we completely picture-blind, despite - or because of - the flood of images that bombards us every day? Are photographs in the end nothing more than meaningless surfaces, and what we believe to see in them only our subjective projections? What at first appears to be a cheerful game on the surface of everyday life turns out to be a subversive questioning of our habits of perception and lifestyle.