The deeply subversive nature of this work lies in its act of naming. It is through the captions and titles of his

photographic series that Peter Tillessen generates a real sense of confusion (...) Getting images to talk, in a

way we have never ‘‘heard’’ them before. Imputing things to his photos in order to escalate the ambiguity of

the images to a critical point. This is a main artery in Tillessen’s work: getting to the heart of the relationship

that we have with pictures. That is to say, you either have faith or you don’t.

While Tillessen’s working method may at first sight seem highly random, the overall effect appears extremely

calculated, following a secret logic that is probably unique to the artist. His working methods can thus also be

seen as a constant attempt to silence the punctum or, conversely, to have it operate at full throttle.

Joerg Bader